Thursday, December 10, 2015

Richard Schnap- Two Poems


I see a man driving
A new luxury car
Wearing a grey face
That seems twice his age

While on a wide lawn
A man in a t-shirt
Pushes a heavy mower
Beneath the hot sun

And as they cross paths
Their look at each other
The one seeing liberty
The other seeing the same

For we each are bound
By the chains of our fates
And the gardens of the envied
May to them appear as weeds


I smell the smoke
From the undead factories
A poisonous pungency
Woven in the wind

And I hear the cries
Of the ghosts that slaved there
For the vampires of industry
That drank their souls dry

And I feel the groans
From the earth beneath them
Where they writhe in their coffins
Unable to sleep

And I see the night
In the eyes of their children
A sky black as ashes
That’s absent of stars

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