Sunday, December 6, 2015

Noel Negele- Two Poems

To Be Loved And Not Love Back.

To be loved and not love back
is certainly not as bad
as to love and not be loved back.
But it's a lousy thing in itself.

Women are not like men.
When a woman rejects a man
the man hides in some bar.
Drowns himself in liquor.
Aches silently, doens't make much noise.

When a man rejects a woman
a woman goes insane.
They have less ego than men
when in love.
A woman harasses you with
phone calls in the middle of the night.
Finds you walking your dog in the street
and protests and calls you a prick.
Kicks your dog in the ribs.

Some women are capable of worse.
Some women sneak in your house
while you sleep. Clip your balls off with scissors.
And they are sloppy about it too.

Some women even gun you down
or cut your head off and lock it
in their freezer.

Some women do that.
This one just appears drunk on my door
night after night
pleading that I love her,
at least just a little.


This is what some scientists
are sure we will become
after a couple of years of progress.

The mind will be free of flesh
inside the mechanical skull
of a robotic body.

After the earth has become
an infertile surface,
a man made giant tumor
floating in space

we will be human minded robots
spearing the space for knowledge,
infinite and immortal
boundless by sexual tensions,
the need of water
or love.

At the top of our game
when it comes to arranging
our biochemicals
we will not feel hatred
nor the need to harm someone.
Our serotonin levels
will always be balanced.
We will not feel lonely
even after being centuries alone
drifting in space
with no limit of fear;
learning and naming 
galaxies and constellations;
discovering new life forms
and methods of math.

The scientists say we will
finally reach a conclusion
that is total.

none of us will be here
to witness
all that madness 
taking place.

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