Monday, December 7, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

the raven who trusted for naught 
you told me you cared once
once upon a time,
but i should have known better
if something seems too 
good to be true
then it is;
and i was hoping that we'd be each other's
happily ever after
but you didn't want me
just the dream
the girl that you thought i was—
i was swaying in scars and insecurities and doubts
wild and unpredictable
you just wanted a girl who would simply stand
there and be your silent victim
who would never snap
her teeth in retaliation;
but i was
never meant to be tamed
i am a wild thing always meant to fly and dance
with wolves
i have hope and stars in my eyes
love and passion and fire in 
my soul
you can shoot your broken arrows through my heart
again but this time i won't cry
i'll just gouge your eyes
out with my

won't be tamed 
don't love you anymore
just a shadow
clinging to the maw 
of healed scars,
and maybe sometimes they rip open;
but the universe sews them back
where one door closes
another opens and i'll always choose the ones
without you—
you weren't supposed to dance with me
nor i with you
you were disaster dancing on the tongue of demons;
but i rose from the flames like a phoenix,
and i won't make the same
mistake twice—
you eye me with the hunger of a wolf,
but i fly through skies
a free bird
because ravens won't be tamed for anyone.

your hands of winter 
in the darkness
of night
you left me scattered
in an endless winter
spring didn't come that year
until you broke up with
and i guess nature knew that i needed
flowers and sunbeams to heal
my broken heart;
the moon and the stars helped
sew me back together
i found the words
that i thought had forgotten in your midst
you never let me be me—
always caged my desires and my heart
in a gilded spectrum
a cavalcade without stars or dreams or hope,
but now that i'm free
i won't let anyone entrap me like that again;
for i am wild and i need someone
who can withstand my flames
instead of trying to kill them because i'm 
passionate and i shine bright
for i am a moon child
and i refuse to be calm sometimes i must make
waves and crush everyone opposing me
in the fury of my wrath—
sometimes the peace must be broken
a war must come so that 
people know
you won't be taken advantage of anymore,
and i want you to know you've taken all i have to
give you;
i will only receive you in scorn
should you try to reach out to me with your
winter's hands again.

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  1. What is most sad is poems like these are often written by people with opposite personalities. The work is a reflection of something deeper than the outward personality and its actions. I like the third poem and the way you imagine Nature is comforting you. I have the opposite problem. Nature laughs at my heartbreak-- when I have lost someone dear to me, everything around me seems brighter and mocking. That's the god-in-the-machine.