Sunday, December 6, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


the President an enigma,
words spoken,
for gun control,
but actions taken,
imperil Americans every day,
a government against the people,
the main reason gun ownership,
a right revered,
Obama talks of unity,
while citizens' rights under attack,
rights he works to undermine,
the president an enigma,
of the most troubling kind.
The Dirty Secret

climate change,
a fact of life,
always has been,
this push now,
not to save the planet,
only to make some bucks,
lowering the use of dirty fuels,
will make no difference to the temperature increase,
regulations only to line the pockets of the liberal elite,
and payback to the rest of us white motherfuckers.
In America

ISIS already here,
in America,
but look the other way,
do not speak evil of the killers,
freedom is all they want,
the freedom to kill,
and to enslave,
only their religion is misunderstood,
promoting peace,
if you know better than to disagree,
that is all the killing is about,
no hard feelings,
only examples intended to intimidate,
and spread some fear,
but look the other way,
the President insists,
because he knows,
ISIS is already here.

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