Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Noel Negele- A Poem

Hangover No.2

with a bruise 
on the nose
and a terrible sensation
of perishing

promising to anything sacred
out there and in me
that I'll stop it all
and become more human than

it's already friday night
and people are out there
with big ass plans of fun

I can see them dancing
in the dim lights
all those pretty girls
sitting cross legged
on the stools
with a bored expression
on their beautiful faces
as if life contains too
little for them-
and all the university students
having drunk philosophical arguments
as if they keep anyone up at night

out on my porch
there is a sickly orange light
from a single bulb
tied around 
one of the pillars
of the awning

and a cat on the opposite porch 
stares at me 
and I stare right back
already drunk again on vodka
and the cat is still
with its head on one side
as if scared
or caught doing something
it shouldn't

and then I win
because it turns
away and jumps 
into the dark

and I'm still here.

Even the damn cat has plans
but no matter
I'll drink until the morning
and I'll step out into the sun
to see if there's anything

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