Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Maciej Walkowiak- Three Poems

A Militant Prophet

I'll carry the cross for those who never made it.
Through fields of carnage of your own making.
For the lost, the homeless, the hungry, black boys slaughtered like pigs by pigs
your warriors coming home with missing limbs
"your worthless" underclass, the classless, your welfare queens
these names, the nameless, anonymous, faceless
salt of the earth who refuse to worship at the alters of gold
Your preemptive wars, the flag
You speak of Jesus Christ "Turn the other cheek"
stand idly by.....submit!
Do nothing but preach surrounded by armies
you crypto fascists!
I'll finish this thread with a single threat
"Bread or Lead"

Automation Nation (Zero Theorem)

I am a formula
units created per hour,
I am a resume
words on paper,
I am an algorithm floating in space
a living "thing"
The sum total of nothing.

Lets Play Monopoly

Against the wall! All you autocrat, plutocrat, oligarchs, fascists.
Tonight we'll bathe with the blood of tyrants!
Revolt at hand for a thousand years of shackles, cages, unlivable wages
Division of labor, exploitation.
Amazing, what you got away with.
Robbing whole nations, poverty, starvation
Wholesale extinction, world domination
All in the name of your Holy Corporation.

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