Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Keith Wesley Combs- Two Poems

sexy, brutal and haunting.

sexy, brutal and haunting
you dazzle me with your radiance:
your smiley face
mysterious white flesh-
you're like a glamorous
but strange creature of the night
waging war on the heart
of this lonely man.

sexy, brutal and haunting
you entrance me with your vision
but underneath your sweet exterior:
lies, seduction, malice, hatred
for the men that wronged you
and I am caught
in the web you constructed.
stolen away from the ones
I loved
and held captive by you
being slowly devoured
by your venomous fangs.

opposites attract.

she smiled
when she caught me
watching her change
staring at her skin
so dark, fair, real.

she pulled her dress up
over her waist
up to her shoulders
turning to allow me
to zip her
tightly into that beautiful
black silk.
we were going out
to a fancy party
me: the hapless drunk.
her: the gorgeous debutante.
what she sees in me
I never could tell
but my love for her was and is
the fuel that keeps me going
with the sweet smell of her sweat
and the glistening of her soft skin
as we laid down at night.

she smiled
as I watched her thru
my slanted eyes
as she sat down
on the bed to kiss me goodnight.

Keith Wesley Combs is a union painter who likes to write poetry and short stories in his spare time. He enjoys fishing, watching movies and half naked beautiful women. His work has been published in Cokefish, Pearl, Carcinogenic Poetry, Record Magazine, Main Street Rag, Black Book Press, Struggle and many more.

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