Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jonathan Beale- Three Poems

Poem 1  


From the painting - Ancient view of Yatsuhashil in Milkawa province

They come together upon a road between
To and from: but, for now –     
Found together here in Yatsuhashil. These
Random supports, slats, yet seeming
Unrationed: un-Euclidian, unpractical,
Yet able to travel – and is never straight.
Not designed by any historic why’s and wherefores’,
Among the acquiesced reflections.

The irises sit as beautiful young
Women – to be adored before their
Wedding and respectful union.
After the flowers time best caught
At the suns peak – before the cool
Autumns breeze passes’ them by, and away and away.  

Poem 2   

The garage (1929) Stanley Spencer

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion  

Parkinson’s Law

The disorder of things
Is an absolute finite order.
The real subjects, the cars
Sit silently as holy cows.
This world needs perspective –
That’s dropped and lost as they cannot,
They cannot see the wood for the trees –
The maps lead no where
From a concrete point.
Among the scent of grease and chipped knuckles.
The 5.00pm chime never seems to come –
Tyres are as endless as the stars and cosmos’;
They are all too close to realise –
As their labours consume
Their lives, on their road to Narragonia
Their road to nowhere.  

Poem 3

Parents and children (2000) from the painting by Matthew Ritchie

The unwritten navigation from single points
Finding their way along and to.
…off in each and every direction
They are in their golden age. Of now!
Each cell an eternal ring
The faces of the ancestors – fractionally remain
stuck in its linear mode.   

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