Monday, June 1, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

remember the dreaming 
it's always different for us
who are different
no one respects us for who we are
we who have compassion
for flowers
are regarded weak for our compassion,
but our kindness isn't weakness
for love is the greatest
power mankind can have;
hatred is easy but it solves nothing
a fist is just a hand it can come apart
shed your ego
embrace the light in your soul—
cannot you not remember the dreaming?
we've all had a dream at least
once in our lives
remember who you were as a child,
would they be proud of who
you are now?
then walk back to where you need to be
forget the past and become the person
your future needs.

empathetic soul 
"i think she's faking it",
the boy said;
looking into my tear stained eyes
which only made the tears
fall all the harder:
who would fake their own
my heart was breaking and they were
looking for excuses to turn away
didn't want to deal with
me and my sensitive
it has always been such a blessing and such
a curse to feel everything so
and i know emotions aren't easily dealt with;
but i could never bury mine
no matter how much
my mother begged me to or my father insisted
i should—
kindness isn't a weakness and emotion isn't a flaw
feeling only means that i have empathy,
and we all should;
for we all bleed the same and we all came from the
same earth and we all have been touched
by the heart of nature
we should 
all feel.

old soul 
i walk the wounded wood alone
touch the trees
apologize for their scars,
hug them,
give them compassion;
dance beneath them and laugh with
the flowers
fly with the crows and ravens
shriek with all the fury of the sun and stars
and moons
slip away with the clouds
float into epiphanies—
you lit your cigarette and took one look
at my purposefully mismatched
earrings and alternative
dress and i saw you judging me as you
walked past in your sweat pants and coat
judging me for not being 
but i told myself a long time i was going to be me
no matter how hard it offended people;
i rolled my eyes once you 
walked past
you weren't all that subtle and i doubted you wanted
to be
but my heart wasn't about to bleed
for someone who would 
never understand.

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