Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Heath Brougher- Two Poems

Melted Crown

There are some things
so unimportant that they could become
the most meaningful things in the world;
    ——a speck of dust
                        sitting in some ramshackle apartment
could be the meaning of life itself—
but the modern day daily grind
subjugates the thoughts and time of the populace
with meaningless tasks and routine, regular as newspaper,
day after day a long monotony stretches wide through life
and the people don’t look for that magical thing, the Intellect,
too busy and distracted, it passes them by unnoticed;

the idea of its possible existence rushes past them
without so much as a shed thought,
as if it were languishing in the realm of nonexistence;
they live oblivious to it;
oblivious of it; oblivious within it;
it seems the masses are so far from realizing
that there is no man behind the curtain pushing all the buttons.


And nevermind the PG invective
sprayed off in the distance
past the window where
lies the snake—
the slithering snakiest of all—
the campus of the Suburban High School,
the land where yuppies are prepped and bred 
which I can see from my apartment window
in the leafless wintertime;
bloom, yes, bloom-up
Spring flowers, faster than fastest,
and cover this charade, this blight,
this abhorrent eyesore sitting motionless and mockingly in the distance
with your colorful perfumed persuasion,
your leaves and shade and forgetfulness; fast,
faster, Spring
build that leafy Flowerwall
abuzz with insects much more welcome
and healthy for my sight than these insidious yuppies
aswim the guttery scumwater of that yuppybowl on the hill.   
Heath Brougher lives in York, PA and attended Temple University. He recently finished his first chapbook, with two others on the way, as well as a full-length book of poetry. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Icebox Journal, Mobius, Main Street Rag, Yellow Chair Review, BlazeVOX, Of/With, *Star 82 Review, MiPOesias, Eunoia Review, Van Gogh's Ear, Stray Branch, Otoliths, Bird's Thumb, experiential-experimental-literature, Inscape Literary Journal, and elsewhere. 

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