Sunday, March 1, 2015

Melanie Browne- A Poem


at Fuddruckers,
the kid in front of
us is taking a long
time to get his drink,
he is too short
so he has to keep
jumping up to
touch the screen,
he jumps once
to reach Dr Pepper,
and twice to reach
Orange Crush,
I start getting annoyed
till I realize he is
mixing a suicide,
or that's what we
once called it,
the perfect concoction
of various soda flavors,
but now I am a
grown up
and I know it tastes
I give up and start
to press the screen for
his dad comes over
to hurry his wayward
son along,
what are you doing son?
he asks in a deep Scottish
'He's making the perfect
drink, let me
know how it turns out,'
I tell the father,
he gives us a half smile
they finally leave
and we fill our drinks,
the regular way
with ice and only
one kind of soda,
and then we step
out of the way for
the lady behind us

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