Sunday, March 1, 2015

Craig Stormont- A Poem

After the Sunday Morning News

the sun shines on
that many puke for the
sordid state of the world
only the brave -
not manufactured fake actors in cushy suburban homes (mfa) -
can inspire action
by the outraged with sense
the only chance to reverse this sickening scenario
propagandized by media vultures
praying for deaths to report for profit
and some meaningless rating
through planned scare tactics
to manipulate the average citizen
to continue tuning in
to beheadings or the young sacrificed
for the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdochs
is revolt!

most don’t vote or ask why
deluded by blind patriotism
to this nation’s part in it
the true artists turn away
knowing what led us here
and how their words will have little impact
while the hereditary insanity continues
as it always has
to keep the money flowing
more so now
since imagination is killed in workplace cubicles
or offices baring plaques with names irrelevant
for a dollar
until a massive insurrection (a dream?)

words that spit venom to this systemic lunacy
are seldom heard or read
yet the human need not fly too close
toward the sun to perish
it is coming here
the madness will then end

Sunday 3/1/15

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