Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


rules to follow,
and bills to pay,
life evolves into an endless maze,
bureaucrats the overlords,
making sure everything done right,
for our own good, they say,
the boxes checked,
and the documents signed,
the life lived,
no longer our own,
our signatures needed,
on the dotted line.


an independent thought,
a precious and rare commodity,
jackals roam the web,
in packs,
intimidating the weak,
arguments spun with lies,
and deceit,
talking heads tell us what to say,
how to think,
emotions manipulated,
to sell some product,
or advance a cause,
the faceless mob,
now patrol as 'thought police',
lost soon,
the ability to reason,
and to think,
freedom and independence,
die with a whimper,
instead of a bang,
the faceless mob,
with cold-blooded eyes,
and empty minds,
await instructions.
A Golden Age

the rule of law,
ignored by the lawless,
pick and choose,
the laws to follow,
the same as the President,
precedent unimportant,
the lawless say,
we know best,
we are the chosen,
and this a golden age,
a time when there are no questions,
about right or wrong,
all knowing,
we will decide,
there is no need for precedents.

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