Thursday, December 4, 2014

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Missouri Is a Sorry State

The woman, 81, is sightless.
She receives a blind 
pension check from Missouri
and has for 60 years.
Her first check was for $51.
She received that every month!
Now, 60 years later, she gets $718.
And she gets that every month!
Some see the ogre of inflation rising.

Amid the cacophony 
surrounding the death of 
Michael Brown, the governor
has announced that this January 
blind pension checks will be cut 
$33 a month, saving the state $730,000.

In quieter times, the governor
might have found 
the savings elsewhere.
He might wisely look again 
because advocates for the blind 
are livid to the max.

Normally the blind are quiet, 
just trying to get along but
one can almost see them
with their German Shepherds
and their tapping canes 
descending on the state capitol,
scattering the Governor,
Congress and the lobbyists.
Missouri is a sorry state. 

Donal Mahoney


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