Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Michael Marrotti- A Poem

Agoraphobic Media

Remove the banality
of people's lives
along with their
pretentious proclivities
and Facebook
would be faceless
Forbid the use
of nipples and ass
which supersede
the use of words
and Twitter
wouldn't tweet
Prohibit the need
to connect with others
through the sound
of music and Google+
would fall on deaf ears
Eradicate all
social media options
and the general public
would be forced
to get off the couch
in the comfort
of their own awkward world
Put on a pair of pants
Take a breathe of fresh air
and engage in a real life
face to face conversation
No more carpal tunnel
No more tough guys
with delicate fingers
pushing keys
as they attempt
to make a fascist point
No more artificial
profile pictures
Nothing but authenticity
apprehension and xanax
by the dozen
for a generation
obsessed with seclusion
and a life that's all about them

© Michael Marrotti

I'm a writer from Pittsburgh using words instead of violence to express myself in a callous world of redundancy. What's beneficial to me has the ability to benefit others, and that's what its all about. We're all here to help other people. The world needs a bandaid, I'm using poetry as a antidote.
These poems are from my blog: thoughtsofapoeticmind.blogspot


  1. This is an excellent poem. I remember when I was young
    (ha) we had to go to the local park to communicate with each other. I lived in Brooklyn, New York. I do
    think the younger set is missing out, because they don't have the face to face communication I had as a kid. You learn how to interact with actual humans. I am glad I had that experience in life.

  2. Thanks, Rose! I remember those days, too. I'm from the 80's and that's one of the many things that inspired this piece of poetry.

  3. A deep personal conversational poem that Michael Marrotti expresses with his experience of his language's
    effectiveness as in a body of literature that embodies the saner parts openness of an irrational culture.

  4. Excellent poem... really hope you get your words out there because they are meaningful...

  5. So, Mike, you endure: Chugging out life-affirming charms, or whatever one would call them; but your writing makes us a greater nation (1st amendment calling!). My day usually begins with caffeine & a check in for anything new by you. It's as good as a shit, to upchuck the night's contrariness with one of your own...

    1. Poetry is philanthropy! Thanks for the words of endearment, Stan. You always come equipped with witty dialogue, and for that I salute you!