Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marchell Dyon- Two Poems

When I am alone I build myself a man
Not of biblical clay
But one fluent in the language of French kissing
On his lips when he speaks
He whispers only my name
When he touches me
Like a flower I bloom
I am Venus to him born from a shell
Pregnant with beauty to him I lack all flaws
He never wants more than what I’m willing to give
When I ‘m done with him
I shove him into an overstuffed closet
Hidden away with the moth balls and the winter sweaters
There is a commitment here
He is the last thing I think about when I leave for work
He is the first thing I would try to save in a fire.
It is the most manliness of business
It makes me hot
Noble domestication is better on the brain then cheap wine
Want to walk me out of my clothes wash a dish or two
I’ll do things domestic for you
I’ll tailgate your Sundays with the boys
Unlike other wives I won’t pretend to be a fan of the big game
I’ll just serve you and your friends and then get out the way
Later like a well - trained Geisha
I‘ll rub your shoulders
I’ll ask so little and give so much and won’t nag you
We would not be known as the angry couple on our street
If only the garbage would not always overflow
If only I did not have to drag the garbage to the curb
If only the most manliness of business was taken care of
I would not feel like I am in this marriage alone.

Marchell Dyon poetry has been published in many magazines including  Eye to the Telescope, Mused Bella online, and Medusa's Kitchen. She is from Chicago IL.   

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