Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mikel K.- Two Poems

He campaigned for president

in two states
got his ass kicked
and took his big mouth home.
Since he's a governor
he'll still have something to rule.
Hey, who was ruling
when he was out campaigning?

She loves her mother.

I never knew mine,
though lived inside her.
And then lived with her
for eighteen years.

People used to almost say this
about Mikel K, 
but thankfully they
don't anymore: “It’s been literally impossible 
to communicate with him 
on a rational basis or in a rational manner.”
He's a poet and a grandfather.


  1. The poem 'She Loves Her Mother' I liked a lot. My mother passed away, and I realize there are many things
    I didn't know about her. I guess she was busy being a good mom.

  2. Your right! My mother was a good friend to me. She
    was honest. Always told me the truth about my hair.