Friday, May 2, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

of yesteryear 
i remember we used to 
traverse the
wood together when 
the pines
were still buried beneath a
hundred years of snow,
and the roots
of happiness and romance together
seemed a reality that would
always glimmer in the
heartbeat of
a summer's sun;
but now i walk alone

i tell myself it's better this way
that you cut me with all
your thorns and thistles, but though
my heart and body have healed my mind will
sometimes linger on you
haunting me in 
memories of blue skies and paw prints;
i've always fallen in love with wolves
and coyotes, they always
tear my heart in two
you think my heart would learn it's lesson,
but it can't help whom it falls in love with

now i walk this wood
with the faeries, druids, and the kind wolves
promises of tomorrow glittering in
their step,
and i take a bite of pomegranate
melancholy to wash
the bitterness of you away
so that i can wake in the morning refreshed and renewed
erased of the stain that was you.

my mind was always an imaginative place
so maybe i just imagined
that you cared
or that you said you loved me,
but it felt so real
i thought that it would be forever true;
gave you all of me
so that you could give me none of you
we traveled to the woods where
you would have buried
my heart
in the ice of your indifference and scorn,
but i broke my wings free of your
cage for i am summer born
my flames of passion never die
i would not be another blue lipped angel
buried in your ice,
and so i walk the forest alone these
days with the counsel of the
birds and the bees
the flowers and the trees
with fae and wolves to accompany me
because not every wolf is bad
just as not every dragon is good,
and you were a bit of both.

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