Monday, May 26, 2014

Bradford Middleton- A Poem


It was the best time of our lives we said back then
In the glory days of youth
It had been the worst of time we now acknowledged
From the depths of middle-age
There are only the remnants of memory to draw on now
As too many were destroyed when the good times rolled

But I remember some of the fun we used to have
The drugs, the girls and the rock’n’roll
But I also I remember the true horror of it all
The night the police raided to postpone our fun
We could have also done without all the overdoses
But it is one of the risks of pushing it too far

The music was loud and bludgeoning
But coupling it with the drugs it kept us
Uptight on a Saturday night in Angel town
At the end of the old millennium
But we seemed to love it when wired up
And it kept us dancing to the thud-thud-thud

It had been the best of time
It had been the worst of time

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