Friday, May 9, 2014

James Mirarchi- A Poem

Sam Scun jettisoned friendships
Like carcass bones
He would shoot them with a slingshot
Into the sentimental bonfire of the past
Some specific friendships
He would stuff down
His sink’s garbage disposable
Jamming them in
With the handle of a wooden spoon
While they were being ground up
And making the most horrible sound
He would blithely listen to his iPod
A leftover tendril would momentarily
Slither out of the drain
But Sam Scun would
Stomp on it with his foot
Like it was some vexing snake
Some other friendships
He would flush down his toilet
Eventually stopping it up
With their feisty spirits
Sam Scun had to use a plunger
To unclog them from the pipes 
He would even find
A mirage of his friends’ faces
Angrily floating in the toilet water
One day
A conscience suddenly rose
Over Sam Scun’s horizon
And he became severely sunburned
By the light of guilt
An entitled douche bag
Who projected himself onto the world
Who scapegoated and blackmailed his friends
Sam Scun now did a 180
Turning his bedroom into a purgatory cell
He installed a huge cage in the corner
Filled with jilted friendships
In the form of red feral monkeys
He invited them to torment him
With their screaming and cage-rattling
Before going to bed
He even left a key to his dreams with them
Every night
With this key
The monkeys would burst from their bars
And quarter Sam Scun on his bed 
One juggled with his body parts
Another jump roped with his intestines
Another played catch with his head
And yet another drew a hopscotch board with his blood
Each morning
Sam Scun would wake feeling cleansed
It was not long
Before he felt completely scoured of his sins
The monkeys were no longer required
So he replaced them with a pet kitten
And started treating
All his new friends much better
First published in Subliminal Interiors Literary Magazine in September 2012.  
James Mirarchi grew up in Queens, New York. In addition to his poetry collections, Venison and Dervish, he has written and directed short films, which have played festivals. His poems have appeared in several independent literary journals. Links to his work can be found @:

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