Friday, October 25, 2013

Brittany Zedalis- Two Poems


We would drive
in the heat of the
afternoon, down long
winding roads.

A silly nickname
for a long railroad
and another
reminiscent of a cat.

Her house would
be full of church
hymns, and the smell
of homemade biscuits.

Sometimes, when I close
my eyes, I still hear
her humming, and her
rummaging around the kitchen.

I open them, and
see an empty room, a 
home vacant of one
once loving and strong.

Long Country Road

I walk down
the familiar road,
surrounded by trees
and flowers.

The familiar scent
of honeysuckle, and
the sound of a
truck flying by.

13 years ago, this
would have been a
normal day like
any other.

Today, a funeral
looms on the horizon, a 
tear falls from
my eye.

A memory full of echos.

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