Friday, May 31, 2013

Melanie Browne- A Poem

For A Friend Who Walked Out Of The English Patient

You could have just closed
your eyes, tried a little 
transcendental meditation,
that might have hushed the noises
in your head,
a nurse that's always talking,
a burn patient with boring stories,
only Willem Dafoe is truly interesting,
an existential aside-
he's like the rabbit in Wonderland,
jumping about with fingerless gloves,
asking questions about the
state of our moral compass,
but even if meditation doesn't work for you,
there's a gory starvation scene,
people get buried alive in sand!
a plane begins to crash and burn,
dear friend where have you
buried your sympathies?
surely not with Kill Bill,
a movie with
confucious consciousness,
popping eyeballs
but no joie de vivre

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