Monday, May 13, 2013

Calvin Chance- A Poem


I am amongst the soulless, I walk
With no purpose.
I live off imperfections and

insecurities, my sweat? pure

My comfort is dependent on the
of others. They believe they work
for themselves; freedom.

All relationships are terrible and the
alcohol is a plenty. Keep drinking,
We're not even close to empty

Oh, but what if we are,
We may very well be.

The foggy,
smokey room. The distant
sound of gunshots and porn. Loud
angry music, look at what we've
created. Who dare question our

A movement for the unliberated;
get naked! I am the wind's silent
whispers, the tide on
Full Moon

The weekend of sexual oddities, outfits
scatted somewhere on the floor of your
room. tombs of destiny,
scriptures of
karma and fate.

We are the rush of cocaine, the
Revolution, Satan's handsome new
date. Here we are marching, walking
amongst the soulless. 

Biography: calvin./CHANCE is currently recording his debut album free.WORLD. featuring songs recorded internationally, all the way from Dubai to Eugene. An entrepreneur, he is currently managing the OverseeRs International Artistic Collective with other artists (based out of Dubai, UAE) and is currently co-founding Live the Dream Productions (based out of Eugene, Oregon). His debut poetry book, also titled free.WORLD., will be released shortly before his debut album. An aspiring writer, designer and musician - art is Calvin's life and obsession. He is most notably known for his music and clothing designs. You can stay in touch with calvin/CHANCE through his online social media sites. Be sure to follow his journey as a crossover artist simultaneously based out of the United States and the Middle East, it's sure to be interesting.

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  1. Really great writing, I wish the best for you Calvin Chance