Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Denis Robillard- A Poem

Another  Hate Poem
 For a young man beaten during a hate crime in  downtown Windsor, Ontario.

Ladies and gentlemen how do you begin to hate a person?
Face to face when all you see  is the hue of their skin and nothing else?
How do you hate the pulchritude of eyes?
The subtle variation of  hair, sinew and bones
when the color of the heart remains hidden from view?

How do you begin to hate the words that they say?
Atoms  of ideas finding their own way
into the air or the blankness of a page.
Variegated idioms, phrases, metaphors they create for  us.
When innocent babbles were first mouthed from the nursery
surely later they were not meant for the ovens of Hitler`s hate
that some still like to fuel.

Tell me, how do you construct a plan for hate here?
For in your book it all seems too easy to do.

Perhaps we can send hate over to the scientists
at the university in a tiny silver box.
Have them dismantle its architecture,
its wires and vacuum tubes.
Extract every micro syllable still left inside it.
Take tweezers to pull out the DNA samples.
Then bring it back here, stamped out
eradicated and put back into a hate mongers
reconstituted brain.

How do you torch a noun?
Set fire to verbs seemingly inviolately?
How do you demolish the tower of pronouns
for all the  Hers and I`s and He`s and Yous
Of the world who all believe
in their own special version of the truth?

Please tell me how to hate. I want to know.
Is it as easy as you make it seem?

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  1. I really liked this poem, I felt that it was very in depth and enlightening. I like how you described the outside and then saying "the color of the heart remains hidden from view" It makes you think about what matters. You cannot hate a person from the outside, only their morals can be hated, and hate is only an opinion. No one has the right to hate without meaning. Like the life of Adolf Hitler, it is a meaningless and cruel existence because it is not what we humans were mean to do