Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sarah E. White- A Poem

The Creek

My life has come full circle
I have made it finally back
To my favorite place in the world
This place where my childhood was lived
Paths of adventure and intrigue
Where I romped and ran
Within the cool clay walls of the earth
This place was home
The cool water rippling through the hillside
Continually carving its path
The earthen smell of safety
Fills me with such life even now
Such security
A place where I felt most free
To be one with the earth, one with myself
Truly seeing the many layers
Finally eye level with the world
As time stands still
I gaze at the landscape from the creek bottom
I feel the energy around me
The trickle of water flowing beneath me
Beside me
Flowing through me
Washing over the bare bones of my soul
The crunch of rocks shifting under my feet
I trudge onward
My life flows forward
But my childhood is encapsulated here
In memory
In the creek

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