Thursday, December 29, 2011

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems


The shadows know my name.
I go by bird brain. I am not a bird,
but the shadows don't care.
When it's hot outside I always
find some shade by a tree or
a building. There the shadows
call my name in a soft low tone.
Sometimes it's the wind that talks.
I can't tell the two apart. I do not
listen to what the little birds say.
They gossip too much.


You cover me
with oblivion.
My heart is bare,
cold like the winter.
I feel nothing.
Life is precarious.
You cover me
with oblivion.
I’m the ashes
brought to be buried.
I feel transparent
like life’s silences.
Twilight shadows
fill my travels.  You
cover me with
At night I contemplate
love’s nostalgia,
love’s oblivion.
Tremulous shadows
inhabit my dreams.


I am only here to clear up a warrant
and then I am gone.
Do not mix me up with some crazed
lunatic, because
I am sane. I need to get my red suitcase.
My paperwork is
in it. My record contract is there.
I don’t want the cops
to continue to get away with their story
about me being
naked on the beach. That’s just bull.
I would say shit, but
I don’t talk like that unless I am mad.
You would not like to
see me get mad. I will do terrible things
to this place if I
do. I’m like The Incredible Hulk, but
I won’t get green or
big. I’ll keep my shirt
on. But don’t test me because I’m a hard
woman to handle.

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