Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amit Parmessur- Two Poems

You Are No Cartoon Gal

Your hair is so curled in innocence
that it has fallen all over your right eye.
Or, is it an intended half
Peek-a-boo of a new, lively girlie?
I can see the milky moon in your face;
I can see your virtuous visage in the moon.
There is a plethora of magical black rivulets
going & tangoing all along your beautiful hair,
without your consent. There’s a wild
reverie in your veiled eye too but
I know you’ve learnt life’s not a comic cartoon.
On your lovely, naïve cheeks the wounds
of unfair battles and misfortune are still visible,
but now your melodic smile will flourish,
furtively, making you a most merry woman.
Always be as childish and multi-colored
as your Sammy & Molly tee-shirt, poetic gal.
Behind you it is blue paradise, behold,
filled with long episodes of freedom.
Whatever episode you choose you’ll
taste your dreams, and your scars will fade.
Your tight lips wrapped in pale pink wax
are singing so many hymns nowadays— lemme
hear you a bit tonight, before you start dreaming,
charming flower.
Remember, many men would love to be
your lucky wristwatch, without your consent…

Snake Hunting

As if he’d thrown his toned body
into the lush grass,
like a lame stone flying.
To see those shining muscles—
what if he were to coil around our ankles!
I had to ask myself why
he should dangle on
that mossy rock like that. He
was intimidating.
See, see if you understand the
watercolor stripes he’s
proudly sporting.
The burn in his throat,
I see nothing more mighty.
You care nothing for
his youthful eyes that plead
for a life smooth as the pieces
of Kraft Cheese left in our battered bags?
African friends, abandon this snake.
I am not a seasoned hunter—
let’s chase something else.
I’m just a few meters from him—
Wake up, now, big snake.
I’m holding the trembling stick,
running like a mad crab
towards him.
As if he would plunge into
the sound of the dull forest now!
There I go.
There he slithers away.
We followed.

Born in 1983 Amit Parmessur is one of the editors of poetry magazine The Rainbow Rose. Since 2010, his poems have appeared in around 100 literary magazines, such as: Ann Arbor Review, The Camel Saloon, Calliope Nerve, Damazine, Zouch Magazine and many others. He is nominated for the Pushcart Prize and lives in Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.

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