Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tim Laffey- A Poem

Someone’s Watching

Somewhere someone’s watching
            everything you do,
the leadership is worried
            about your point of view
Someone’s always got their eye on you.

Somewhere someone’s selling
            beliefs they say you need,
they benefit from shelling when
            the simple people bleed.
Obedience is what they need from you.

Somewhere someone’s hawking
            paid hatred on the tube.
Somewhere someone’s adding up
            the debts that you’ve accrued.
Somewhere someone’s always watching you.

Somewhere someone’s reading
            every email that you send.
they’re listening to all your calls,
            they know just where you’ve been.
Someday someone’s going to answer you.

Someone’s always starving
            despite abundances of food,
and business men are thriving from
            massive spills of crude.
No one’s ever looking out for you.

Somewhere someone’s tracking
            every movement that you make,
our leaders seek out bribes to pass
            more laws for you to break.
Somewhere there’s a prison cell for you.

Somewhere someone’s looking
            for any sudden sign
that you are somehow catching on
            and will not toe the line.
Someday someone’s going to visit you.


  1. I would like to publish some of your poems in my online poetry journal

  2. (submitted comment too soon) Thanks for your consideration. Firestone