Saturday, January 3, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

i hope
i hope her rose petals
wither and wilt,
and leave you bereft of
their silk; so you can
only taste her thorns—
i hope the happiness
she gave you
dances on your fingertips
a sweet butterfly
that flies away from you
leaving you buried in
the music of the past,
and i hope one day we
meet again so i can
walk past you
like you never meant a 
thing to me;
because to you this was
a game—
to me it was love,
but this bird still sings
my song, however, is no
longer for you; love and laughter
and happily ever after
i hope evade you
because you are too cold and
distant to house love for anyone but you.

butterfly soaring
i want to lose
count of
as i lay in the
field of dreams
so many summers i spent
laying in the grasses
squelching mud between
my toes; chasing
after dreams and thoughts,
but also butterflies
whose silken embrace
makes my 
thoughts soar to other
a butterfly once walked on
my arm,
his legs were stickier
than i imagined; hairier, too—
but he didn't hurt
me just kissed me
with memories and wonder
giving me 
recollections of old
and new
that the wind forgot to tell
me when i soared and soared.

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