Thursday, January 1, 2015

Donal Mahoney- Three Poems

Let It Be on Monday, God

If I have to die
let it be on Monday, God,
so I won’t have to work

or call in sick.
I want the weekend 
to think about it

over steins
of cold Michelob
and a carton 

of Pall Malls,
two things I quit
decades ago 

the day I got married.
I can’t remember
why I did that—

get married, I mean.
I know why I quit 
Michelob and Pall Malls.

Sometimes we do
the right thing 
for the wrong reason.

In Concert Tonight

Tonight we offer the new Janis Joplin
a black girl in white skin who growls 
every melancholy note and is

still looking for the man 
she wants forever who 
wants her even more.

But Janis would probably yell,
“Good luck with that, sister.
Shut up and sing.

Broken Marriage

Rip had a wife who lost
an arm and a leg
and could no longer wait
on him hand and foot
so he found a woman,
a gymnast, who could

once she landed her jump
from the parallel bars.
Only then would she 
do the laundry and cook
and take out the garbage. 
Rip liked her better

high on the bars, her
melons bouncing as she
prepared to land her jump.
She went back to the bars
and Rip hired a laundress 
and later a cook.

Life’s better now for Rip
but not for his former wife
who lost that arm and leg.
There’s nothing she can do 
with the other arm and leg  
not that she ever would.

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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