Sunday, September 14, 2014

Subhankar Das- A Poem

caffè latte

I am Asian all right but
do not like to have
cockroaches in my coffee.

I thought of saying that to the waiter
as the woman sitting next to me found a
roach in her coffee
while she was sipping it
and took out the dead thing
stuck in her tongue.
She did not jump up though.
a brave woman.
Just made a face to her boyfriend
and turned away sticking her tongue out
Ah..ah..a..a..a..a..Oh my god..

Believe me I do not want
a roach in my morning coffee
even if it comes free.

The waiter looked at me the way
that nothing has happened
and went back to the counter
to get my black coffee.

I do hope roaches do not like black coffee.
That woman was having café latte
usually what they like to have.

Bio : Subhankar Das is a poet, bookstore owner, and publisher of Bangla experimental material. He produced six short films that have been honored at international film festivals, and has translated the works Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski in Bengali.

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