Saturday, September 20, 2014

David S. Pointer- A Poem

Home of the Duped

Full-time entertainment trance helped keep the citizenry in check with smaller and smaller lifetime pay checks for fewer and fewer lucky applicant poolees.

Full time entertainment trance had plenty of afflicted people bragging about watching high school sports, college sports, and pro sports with no time left over for citizenship or research to follow the corrupt money trail

Sustained captivity capitalism came with numerous sized invisible cages that didn’t open without admission ticket money into the market economy

Sustained captivity capitalism re-branded itself as Freedom’s party den where overly obedient workers liked to sing songs about being brave while avoiding conflict or conversation with corrupt financial power

Military surplus Americanism started spouting off about poor VA care so the corporate media duct taped their mouth with extra war/troop supporter bumper stickers

Military surplus Americanism converted the enlisted warrior attitudinal dominance into non-valued persona non grata under or unemployed in the lowly jobs to nowhere lines

Search and rescue economics stocked their attack helicopters with well-paid international killers

Search and rescue politics stocked their drones with bombs and best wishes

Economic infighting elevators didn’t reach domestic ground level

Economic infighting elevators were not zoned for poverty or middle class consumption

Griping, cashing out, high five-financial fistings, and yacht wax were reserved for elevated consumers

Griping, jury-rigged elite rule and patriotic multicultural pat-down squads increasing slipped into the schools

Scapegoat media coverage diversions helped launder the money transported elsewhere

Scapegoat media coverage diversion centers handed out legend, lies, half-truth and distorted history like hard candy at an ongoing hoedown

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