Sunday, September 14, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

nothing to me

a soft spoken whisper
was the melody
of my
fluting heart when i sang to
you the gospel of
my soul,
and you just took my pretty
little red heart
crushing it into two
you say in Jesus' name;
and for the longest time
i missed and yearned
for your touch
even the whisper of your
spilled hot rain over my cheeks—
i'm okay now
ready to move on with
someone who can
appreciate i am more than
just a pretty face,
and who will make me
his moon and stars
whom i'll make
my sun and crimson sunset sky;
and our love will singe all
these bad memories away
until nothing of you remains.

phoenix reborn

a moment in the soul
can live forever
i think
we could have had it all
had you trusted me and your heart,
but something you held back
always over-thinking everything and i
being the dreamer
i've always been i thought
maybe you'd come
around and catch dragonflies
on the lilies;
laughing with the golden sunsets
yet this was not
meant to be,
and maybe my heart is foolish
yet i still believe
there's a man
out in that great wide out there
who will love me completely,
and i will keep him and he'll
keep me and
when he says 'i love you'
he'll mean it
unlike you
tripping over the syllables
without even knowing what they mean
you are carved in lust
destroying hearts
that trust in the warmth of
your words
a man of a thousand faces;
but i don't even need
a thousand words
to tell anyone how you're not
perfect for any girl
let alone me—
got it right when she said
your heart is not open
when you're frozen,
and when she said life will
drop you like the limbs
of a tree,
but i am a phoenix
i will rise from the ashes
burn all the more brighter
without you.

leaving you behind

we will never be the same,
but i no longer
desire to be your fool dancing in all
the sunlit pools of your lies;
older and wiser
my wings are not wax anymore
shall not fly into the sun
fading into the ocean and it's angry waves
i've learned my lesson—
misjudged you
once but that does not mean i'll ever trust
in the whisper of your name again
for i know there's someone better in that great wide
wild out there;
someone who will love me,
and i will love him
keeping one another's hearts from the coldest winter—
you may think you have the last laugh,
but even wolves lose their
and one day when you're down and bleeding
someone will kick you
just the same as you did me and i will not laugh
but neither will i cry
for when karma shall return to you everything tenfold
i will have long since moved on.

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