Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gerald Bosacker- A Poem

Doctors condemn obesity
as diabetes plagues they assault,
but fat-fried foods taste best to me
when deluged with catsup and salt.
King sized portions of Cola I drink,
with true sugar, not that fake stuff
plus giant refills too, I think,
to really get myself enough.
Out with folks, dining in a café,
I harangue with insistent voice,.
for one with  an endless buffet,
but growing fat was not my choice.
Gerald Bosacker, Poet and tale teller lives in Arkansas, retired from the corporate world where he was successful although miscast as Vice President of a large chemical company. He now does penance for his sins against the environment with his anti-war activism and poetry.
Shiny red apples are so fun to chew
and taste so good and are good for you.
Be sure that you spit out all the seeds,
since internal trees, no body needs.

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