Tuesday, April 9, 2013

David Michael Schmidt- Two Poems

Changes In The Wind

the balance has shifted and the scale is bent
the name Fair can no longer be trusted
the Voice of Descent has become a scream
cracks in the Dam of Good Sense are beyond repair
the Winds of Calm have become a storm   
bumps in the Road To Reason are deep pot holes
the sweet songs we use to hum are raspy lyrics
the old dream turned into a nightmare
the faces we trusted are wearing masks
the Gate to Heaven has rusted and lost it’s pearls
Happiness is locked inside a glass box
and no one can find the key
the king is wearing a new crown but he says he can’t afford to fix our leaking roof
wolves are coming closer to the flock
suggestions to reload are offered to the ones with the guns
promises drip from the sharp white teeth
responses of complaints are muffled by the burps of over fed bellies
the word Disgust slips quickly beneath the gap of the door and into the gutter
shoulders ache from so many shrugs
necks are stiff from so much head shaking
the word Hope is losing it’s sheen 
time to paint a brand new picture      

Man With Two Souls

if I were to imagine and say I believed in a soul
than I may as well choose to have two souls
if we are believing then anything is plausible
there are no rules in make believe
if the devil were to take my soul
then I would have a back up soul
one soul to play careless and free with
the other soul would be more stable and respectable
then if I am playing this believe game
maybe I should choose three or four souls
I mean one soul seems so limiting
no doctor can find the soul
because it is simply imaginary
humans love to play make believe
trained as children and it sure is fun
however some people prefer make believe to be scary
they like to introduce a villain
a dark ominous creature with red glowing eyes
a pair of twisted ivory horns
and vicious long pointed yellow fangs
a creature so powerful that not even
the more seemingly supernatural king of all beings
can defeat this mean spirited monster
but then every wonderful story needs a Hero
and it must have the antagonist
to complete the tale
the monster can never be defeated
because then the story would end
and this story has no ending yet written   

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