Monday, October 3, 2011

Lee Stern- A Poem


Maybe there’s somebody dancing tonight
And he seems to enjoy it.
Maybe the music, because it’s just right for him,
is encouraging him to dance like he’s a dreamer.
Maybe this person that I’m talking about
is dancing because everybody else is dancing
and he doesn’t want to be left out
and made into an example.
And, yes, maybe, if you asked him,
what the purpose of dancing was,
he’d stop for a few minutes and have to think about it.
He’d have to think what it was like to move from one place to another.
And then move back again to the place where you may have started;
the place where motion was born.
The place where distance became a commodity that never ran still.

Bio:  Lee lives in Los Angeles and tries to write a poem a day.  He's published over 200 of them, many on the internet.

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