Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craig Scott- A Poem


I want a theme song that plays every time I enter the room. I want
raspberry-flavored frozen yogurt. I want to be prolific. I want to
take a nap. I want to go camping. I want to drive across country. I
want to see Iceland. I want to sell you a bridge. I want for once to
be in the loop. I want to rip someone’s throat out like Dalton in Road
House. I want to fake an orgasm. I want to hike more. I want to fart
less. I want avocado on my sandwich. I want to chase away the geese. I
want to burn my credit cards. I want a less awkward smile. I want my
dog to miss me when I’m gone. I want to help. I want a new car. I want
to go where no one knows my name. I want to find a good Indian
restaurant. I want to be taller. I want a newly discovered bacterium
to be named after me. I want a cool nickname. I want to stop snoring
in my sleep. I want to witness the year 1 Billion. I want to read Moby
Dick. I want baklava for breakfast. I want clear skin. I want to kick
a hole in the tv. I want to know what you’re thinking right now.

Bio: Craig Scott recently saw the publication of his collaborative
collection Tales From a French Envelope, written with Catfish McDaris.
It is available through

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