Friday, September 30, 2011

Jason E. Hodges- A Poem

The Flake of Snow

Sometimes the good moments in life can be measured in seconds
Seconds, smearing into minutes
Minutes clicking through the clock wheels of time
Falling from the hour hand that moves quickly toward the mundane everyday
But these minutes lived far out weigh the everyday
Moments lived much like the life of a snow flurry
Weightless stars of ice floating in perfect beauty
Glistening crystals suspended
Drifting in a snowdrift
Unstressed by the hand of the dealing
Untouched by the world at that moment
A moment that can’t be taken away
But away the moment will fade
Or melt by time passing too quickly
By circumstances out of our control
But as one moment fades
The next is starting to build
Perfect conditions to float on nothing but feeling
Coast through the day
Waft wildly without restrictions that sometimes clutter our sight
One tiny moment
One tiny flake of possibility
One after another
Moments of happiness are built by the building
The goodness will eventually keep coming
Changing your life for the better one moment at a time

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