Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brigitte Barton- A Poem

~A Quick Note To Misogynist Poets of the Underground~

Why don't you get a damn job,
work with the homeless,
spend some time with
your kid,
learn to fold napkins
into works of beauty,
walk out into
the night sky
and be thankful
for all the other
that came before you,
will come in droves after,
your bones
have become
just some powder
in another pine box

1 comment:

  1. I'd like to thank Brigitte Barton for submitting this poem and Dead Snakes for running it. That said, I am not certain that it is misogny, per se, that prompts the "raw sex" verse that appears on a number of sites.

    I can think of more than one site that features verse by both sexes where "fuck" is the word that apparently gives the verse power and merit in the eyes of the editors who run this verse and the folks who write it.

    Some sites appear to think that a rant is a poem if it has "fuck" in the text. There is another site that runs pix of women slavishly portrayed to illustrate the poems in which their sexual compliance is celebrated.

    What remains a mystery to me, however, are the women who write verse of the same nature that can only stoke males into trying to write more of the same stuff. It is not poetry, nor verse. Simply porn poorly written.

    I realize that I come off sounding like a prude here, but that is not at all the case. I just think that verse, never mind actual poetry, is seldom the place for words like "fuck" and its siblings. I think that words like these are used mainly by those who can find no better ones in their tiny quivers or are simply angry about a lot of things, not just the opposite sex.

    I remember someone once telling me that the Beatles "changed everything" in contemporary society. I disagreed. I said that Hugh Hefner changed everything. As the years go by, I believe that more and more. All media, including verse, now reflect Hefner's philosophy about women as a commodity. Is there any easier commodity to sell to males?

    Onward secular soldiers!