Monday, January 20, 2014

Jennifer Lagier- Three Poems & Photos


Morning fog banks glow pink
just above turquoise water.
Stark cypress enclose a pale portal,
reveal white beach, peek of lavender ocean.
Brown pelicans barely clear spindrift,
skid across waves, in tight bird formation.
Here and there, dolphin pods cavort,
circle sleeping sea otter rafts.
Grouchy gulls voice their complaints,
bookend cast-ashore kelp, silvery driftwood.

When the Sky Burns 
Falling sun blowtorches
a glowing horizon.
Deposits orange and gold
above purple ocean.
Tints shredded clouds pink,
accentuates black silhouettes,
rows of feathery cypress.
It’s an hour of endings,
light transformation.
Every minute brings new
shapes and hues,
appropriates burning sky 
as a palette.

Byzantine Sunrise

Cypress sentinels
overshadow the cliff
like giant umbrellas.
Parched succulents are embossed
against occluded sun and rocky trail,
gold-streaked morning ocean.
Lavender haze smolders
along cloaked hills,
chiaroscuro horizon.
Ocher mist ascends,
clings to gray layers
of sterile storm clouds.
Dust motes glitter, disappear.
All around, the cruel illusion
of impending rainfall.

Jennifer Lagier is an avid hiker, photographer, and supporter of sea snakes.

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