Monday, January 20, 2014

Dawnell Harrison- Three Poems

The coast

My bones are spread out
on the coast since the sea

spit me out piece by piece.
The wind moves like fire

across the white sand
as silence sets in and
nobody calls out my name.

Bevy of fury

You spin a bevy of fury
as the moon's dark spots

show their wounds
in a blackened sky.

My heart descends
into a quarry of sand-colored

rocks as the sleekness
of a black crow crashes
its wings in a shroud of fog.

Gumdrops of light

Shadows roam around
these midnight streets

as the stars dot the sky
like gumdrops of light.

My soul floats in the atmosphere
and gathers the star's translucence
as the sky bends to meet me.

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