Saturday, December 7, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

lucy's plea
i'll love you forever
wish you
could believe me
the tempest beating in
my heart is
only for you
i don't ever want to
ever give you
it's four in the morning
and i sit here
writing about you
thinking of all the things
we have yet to see
yet to do—
please don't leave me here
surrounded by all
these memories dancing their
names around me,
please don't make me go
because i'd never
forgive myself if i broke your heart
just trust me
good things come if you wait
we've waited long
enough, and we've endured so much
and maybe human nature
isn't excuse enough for me to leave
you behind lost in the curse
of the silver moon;
so let me kiss your life with my insanity
i promise no one will ever love
you the way i do—
to me you're perfection etched into every
sunset gold, so let me stare into the
embers of your fire
burn away all the edifices of my pain
let me kiss away yours
until we become a monastery 
an answer to each other's prayers.

kisses of silver 

i'll give you all of me, if you promise
not to hide between the
shadows of the moon dancing in
your eyes, and i know
we're unconventional but i don't care
i love you always and forever;
maybe you can't trust in that because everyone
else has failed you, but you were never
a halfbreed to me; and if they can't stand that
then forget them, i am here
and i promise never to leave you
until my dying day

perhaps, i am a foolish girl as the puppeteer
who once pulled our strings said
i prefer hopeless romantic
maybe this love is hard, but i am no princess
i was always the girl that loved
monsters, the one that
courted nightmares and danced in despair
so let me be the tempest that inspires
your soul, let the waves
of darkness dissipate beneath the wings of
every yesterday, let our happiness
shine more silver than the the moon.

let our romance be

woke up without you
all i felt was
all the indigo waves of day
seemed to crush
me under the weight of all the birds
carried in it's bowls;
i thought it'd kill me

but you found me gazing lifeless
as a dying star,
revived the life back into my veins
with nothing more than
the most powerful magic of them all
even if you can't trust it i do;
people tell me i'm
and perhaps i truly am

yet i trust you without question and you said you
don't want me to go, so don't make us
change let me stay;
i can't be complete without you
there is a darkness in us all and you may be
a monster, but i have always loved
beasts more than man
they show me a better side of humanity than
i've experienced otherwise
men don't understand me i think i must have
been a monster once upon a time ago
so let us savor all these moments
we can share together
let your worries fade into the mercurial sea
be with me,
and let our romance be enough.

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