Friday, December 20, 2013

Kelly Haas Shakelford- Three Poems

Our Silence

black and white
shots of life
scattered against color,
8x10 sheets
of authenticity
of who we were,
what we failed
to become.
Forged smiles
on crumpled pedestals,
reflections of illusions,
connecting the dots
of our common
ancestral lineage.
All we have
is our silence
the umbilical cord
of toxic ties
that binds

A Pinkie-Promise

Innocence protector,
nightmare chaser,
dream maker.
You serenaded
 sweet lullabies
till peaceful slumber
swept daddy’s princess
to wonderland.
I was your
favorite heirloom,
yet, not worthy
to keep you
from pumping lead
through your heart,
which you pinkie promised
would always be mine.
Now, it lays
six feet
a cold slab
of lies.

I Existed

Snatches of time,
in tattered albums,
a recital of snapshots
of the happy-lil’-family
that never was.
Like a starving rat,
I steal the paper crumbs,
proof, I existed.
My ragdoll Sally,
mutt Red,
Barbie slippers,
first black eye,
all Kodak reminders
that even in hell,
flowers grow,
wilting, weeping,
petals of life,
I existed.
(Published May -2013 The Mindful Word)

Kelly Haas Shackelford has been many things in her short life: preacher’s daughter, a domestic violence survivor, single mom to four, first female project manager in the largest steel company in the US, cat rescuer, word wrangler, and romance enhancement specialist (aka the toy lady). She has had over 50 pieces accepted for publication in various venues such as The Speculative Edge, The Old Red Kimono, Black Petals, and Every Day Poets. Currently, she is working on various writing projects between taking care of her 10 full time rescue cats and taming a feral colony. 

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