Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Narendra Kumar Arya- A Poem


By my closed eyes you could infer I am a narcoleptic
So could you deduce from the sea of dreams that I splatter around
Also the face of darkness that hangs loose like a pendulum
Provides ample opportunities to your skinned reason
To declare a nocturnal
Is this creature.

Yes, night descends as a respite to your suspicions
But I can flee the nether of the day
Burning with thy presence
So repulsive, so crude
The whole earth, even
Vibrating with your ghostly laughter
Starts spinning with displeasure.

Why do I need open my eyes?
What’s there for me to see?


Narendra Kumar Arya.  Born and educated in Varanasi, India, Did  MA, MBA, PhD.  Had taught Political Science for some ten years.  W
riting simultaneously in English and Hindi for quite some time, involved in getting published recently.  A few poems have appeared on Rabbit, EWR, and Tether.

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