Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

there are no quick fixes
your quick fix was wrong
life isn't disposable,
and abortion hurts long after
it's done
the echoes of it linger
in the heart
years after; you never will
get to feel the warmth
of your child's
fingers interlaced with yours or
their laughter, their joy
and their pain -
you'll never be able to shape
the life of someone
who could have been someone's 
hero, and you'll never
know how wonderful they could
have been
if only you allowed them 
to take their first breath -
yet you didn't;
and there's no one to blame but you
because you wanted out of
a bind, a quick fix
to preserve your own freedom and
only guilt lingers.

1 comment:

  1. Many thanks to Linda Crate for writing this poem and to Stephen Jarrell Williams for running it in Dead Snakes.