Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sy Roth- A Poem

No words

We walked
For miles
Without words.
When I tired
He dragged.
When I sat mulelike
He glowered.
He did not tell me where
We were going in
Those endless miles.
His face read
A need
And I reluctantly followed as
The minutes and seconds dragged on
In the cold
My furry collar bundled up against my face
And the warm air of my breath
Quickening as time dragged.
I mewled
To no avail
He determined to get where we were going
We passed darkened buildings
As the sun’s light waned
And my anxieties waxed
Darkened alleyways
Dark drunks lying prone
Dark peeing men
And in the light of a streetlamp
He saw
His need--
His Studebaker
Light blue
Nestled between a Ford and a Chevrolet.
Not sure which was the front or the back
I was only pleased to be in it
After he opened the doors.
No words
Just the pleasure of having arrived. 

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