Monday, October 1, 2012

Melanie Browne- Three Poems

Love Story 
we will bump elbows at a  party,
I will be  holding a bowl of
fruit on my head like Carmen Miranda,
and you will be dressed like Steve Mcqueen
or perhaps Tarzan, depending on my mood
the atmosphere will sizzle,
it will be like we found sanctuary
after running for centuries
in worn out off-brand tennis shoes,
you will grab a banana from my bowl
and make obscene gestures with it
and I will laugh like a hyena in heat,
I will write about our affair when I
am old and drinking wine
at my Italian Estate,
I will be able to write in Italian by then,
so everything will be that much more romantic

How to eat rocks
My seven year old asks me
if you can eat rocks,
I tell him I don't think 
that's such a good idea,
I tell him it could get stuck
inside your tummy,
he moves on to talking about
who he sits next to on the bus,
but I start thinking about all
the times I felt like
my soul had eaten a giant boulder,
or a megalith,
and I realized I never
practiced what I preached
The Search
I am searching for you,
looking through emails,
pictures, and my dreams,
I find bits and pieces of you,
like confetti at a birthday,
I sift through,
it drops to the floor,
I sweep it up and
try to glue you 
back together

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