Friday, October 12, 2012

James Mirarchi- A Poem

euphoric from concert
whose aural leftovers
rock my insides with guitar tremors
i sit in storm-battered cab
head reclined
nostrils packed with leather seat/tobacco scent
passing through centuries of possibilities
the road home is squiggled with prophetic headlights
a rain-smeared tablet of hieroglyphs
that confers with chanting billboards
as black sky closes down like waffle iron
turning me into breakfast for the gods
i (suddenly slathered in buttery sunrise)
am divinely digested
which sums up my typical post-concert state


James Mirarchi grew up in Queens, New York.

In addition to his poetry collections, "Venison" and "Dervish," he has written and directed short films, which have played at festivals. His poems have appeared in Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Poydras Review, gobbet, Boyslut, The Houston Literary Review, and Subliminal Interiors Magazine. 

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