Monday, June 11, 2012

Neil Ellman- A Poem

The Earth is a Man
(after the painting by Roberto Sebastián
Antonio Matta Echaurren)

Not like any you know
not with a face
but nevertheless
gapes surprise
at its own odd shape
or with a mind
it somehow sees
reason in its
thoughtless seas
it almost remembers
in its shale and schist
the infant child
then man
pitted on wobbly feet
by its own conceit—
the earth is a man
or was.

Neil Ellman lives and writes in New Jersey.  His poems, many of which are ekphrastic and based on works of modern art, appear in numerous print and online journals throughout the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe.  The latest of his eight chapbooks, Convergence & Conversion, is now available from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

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