Thursday, June 14, 2012

Christopher Oie Keller- A Poem

in memoriam M.S.

How many times can we say there are no words
before the words themselves reproach the silence?

A Muslim in Arizona ran his daughter down
in a Jeep Cherokee for being too “Americanized.”

The Oregon fall has been more beautiful this year
than any other in recent memory: orange leaves, crisp air –

a student where I substitute teach hung himself
and was put on life support, dying. He is gone,

people claim blues music is sad, but the hope
of continuing on sings in every minor seventh.

After giving millions to Pakistan, their government
refuses to hear our female Secretary of State,

and what color is the sky? What color our
oceans? What color is the blood in our veins?

BIO: “So You Think You Can Dance” reject Christopher Oie Keller earned his MAT from Western Oregon University. A former Victoria’s Secret supervisor, he now substitute teaches in Portland. He enjoys gardening and still thinks he can dance. His work has appeared in publications such as The Delinquent, Leveler, and Fogged Clarity and will be appearing in The James Dickey Review and The African American Review. He also got engaged March 5th of this year to someone who understands the writing process.

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